New Business Spotlight: Crazy Cazboy’s in Opelika

Crazy Cazboy's in Opelika

Imagine: A place where you can buy most of the items for $4. Or $1. Or just 25 cents! It doesn’t actually exist, though, right? Well, then let us blow your mind! Crazy Cazboy’s in Opelika works just like that—and they opened recently! So, next time you pass their Pepperell Parkway store, prepare to save beyond belief.

More on Crazy Cazboy’s

Wait, so Crazy Cazboy’s is really that cheap? How is that even possible? Well, the chain buys its items in bulk, which means that everything costs them a whole lot less. That also means their wares will cost you less too! And if you see an especially good deal, snap it up. Many of their sales hit the shelves one time only—so you have a limited time to save.

What can I buy at Crazy Cazboy’s?

A whole lot of everything! While not all of their products, like big name tech, follow the scheduled pricing plan, many of their items do. As for the wares, they include:

  • Electronics, like Ring Doorbells and AirPods;
  • Health items, like deodorant and soap;
  • Cleaning products, like antibacterial wipes and dryer sheets;
  • Beauty products, like retinol cream and mascara;
  • Grocery products, like K-Cups and iced tea pouches;
  • Home goods, like food storage containers and lightbulbs;
  • Pet items, like tick prevention and pet dental care kits;
  • And much more.

The schedule

Crazy Cazboy’s in Opelika sells on a very specific schedule! Pay attention—because the day you go can determine the price you pay for many of your selections. See the costs per day below!

  • Friday: $8;
  • Saturday: $7;
  • Sunday: $4;
  • Monday: $2;
  • Tuesday: $1;
  • Wednesday: 25 cents; and
  • Thursday: Closed for restocking.

Visiting details

Even the membership at Crazy Cazboy’s is affordable! It costs just $15 per year. To enter the store, you need evidence of that membership. Alternatively, you can pay just $5 for a day pass.

The store operates six days a week, pausing their sales on Thursdays so they can add more deals to the shelves. Their hours run from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., though they may close earlier on Wednesday if they sell out.

Located near the intersection of Pepperell Parkway and Gateway Drive/Highway 280, Crazy Cazboy’s in Opelika is just a 13-minute drive from Summer Wind!

Prefer to shop from home? You can also buy their discounted items online here.


You may want to shelve your next trip to your usual store. After all, you can pick out a variety of highly-discounted products from across the aisles at Crazy Cazboy’s in Opelika. Whether you shop in-store or online, we hope you find just what you need—and maybe something extra! After all, with those prices, you can afford a treat.

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