On Campus: Summer 2021 Construction Projects at Auburn University

summer 2021 construction projects at Auburn University

First the pandemic and now a heat wave! On a positive note, neither have slowed Auburn’s ongoing build toward progress. In fact, these summer 2021 construction projects at Auburn University prove exciting times are still ahead.

Building by the Millions

Construction on college campuses represents advancement. The following summer 2021 construction projects at Auburn University are taking that core value to heart!

Project Breakdown

Each project underway is as diverse as Auburn’s campus itself. Below are brief descriptions, including the funding, which totals almost $309 million!

Academic Classroom and Laboratory Complex

Construction on this multi-purpose building began in the spring of 2019. It is located near the baseball field. Upon completion, it will be second to Haley Center in terms of instructional space.

This $83 million project will eventually seat up to 2,000 students in 20 classrooms. Plus, there will be six engaged active student learning classrooms and five lecture halls! Spring of 2022 is the projected completion date.

Chilled Water Plant

Plans to demolish one and rebuild one make up the two phases of this $24 million project. First, the current campus water plant will be renovated to include a 72,000-square-foot building. It will house two 2,500-ton chiller units with room for one more.

Second, the chilled water plant on Wilmore Drive is scheduled for demolition in the spring of 2022. The projected end date for the rebuild is also the spring of 2022.

Tony & Libba Rane Culinary Science Center

What’s cooking for the AU College of Human Sciences? For their hospitality management program, it’s a $110 million academic building and living space! The expected finished design is pictured above. It totals more than 142,000 square feet.

One cool feature is the six living spaces that will be rented to third parties. Famous gourmet visiting chefs, perhaps? Hopefully, we will find out in the spring of 2022!

Football Performance Center

Finally, the newest of the summer 2021 construction projects at Auburn University is the Football Performance Center. Located on the corner of West Samford and Wire Road, projected completion for the massive project is summer 2022.

Overall, the $91.9 million center will consist of a large operations building, a foot facility housing two full-sized natural turf practice fields and more.


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