Coming Soon: Whataburger in Opelika

Whataburger in Opelika

There’s a new burger place coming to town, and fans of the brand can’t wait! Whataburger in Opelika is under construction at 2501 Gateway Drive across from the Tiger Town shopping center.

What a Surprise!

Or is it? According to a recent story on, rumors of the popular fast-food chain opening a location in Opelika started in late 2020. Job listings for team members in the area appeared in searches on sites like

But now it’s official! The cat—or should we say burger—is out of the bag. While Whataburger in Opelika has not announced an exact opening date, tentative plans are set for the summer.

What a Menu!

The original Whataburger that launched this Texas-based company onto the scene in the 1950s isn’t the only menu favorite. In fact, the menu includes All-Time Favorites & Specials like the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich and the Whataburger Patty Melt.

There’s a kids menu, chicken, salads, fish, sides, desserts and more! Plus, you can eat well and feed the whole family on a budget! Kids can order a meal for under $4 and adults can order one for under $7.

For a full menu listing and pricing, click here.

What a Burger!

Never had Whataburger? With the Whataburger in Opelika, new fans of the brand are sure to emerge. To clarify, the original Whataburger is a large bun, a large beef patty, tomato, lettuce, pickles, diced onion and mustard.

From there, the burger menu explodes. Order from the menu, or build your own with toppings like bacon, avocado and jalapenos.

What a History!

Did you know that Whataburger started in 1950 in a small burger stand in Corpus Christi, Texas? According to the website, founder Harmon Dobson had two main goals. First, he wanted to serve a burger so big it took two hands to hold it. Next, he wanted it to be so good you had to say, “What a burger!” Hence, “Whataburger” was born!

More than 70 years later, there are 800 locations across the country. But some things never change. The Whataburger brand is still family owned. They still serve large 5-inch toasted buns. They still use 100 percent beef patties.


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