Coming Up: Burger Wars 2021 in Opelika

Burger Wars 2021 in Opelika

Finally, a battle everyone can win! This year, you can taste the competition—literally—at Burger Wars 2021 in Opelika, AL. It arrives in town on June 5, with this year marking the seventh incarnation of this fan-favorite event. Prepare to come hungry!

More on Burger Wars 2021 in Opelika

It’s not every day that you can eat burgers from multiple places all over town. That’s just one of the reasons why Burger Wars 2021 in Opelika is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! For instance, it serves to highlight local restaurants and businesses.

Not to mention, the nonprofit side of the Opelika Rotary uses the proceeds from registration to feed others. So, by grilling out, cooks also help out the Backpack Program with the Food Bank of East Alabama.

Competitor Participation Info

Even casual burger-makers can get in on the action! They just have to pay the $25 registration fee by May 22—and of course get their set-up ready, complete with burgers. Unlike their pro and corporate competitors, who have to make 61 and 51 burgers respectively, casual cooks only have to make 31.

It’s also good to know those numbers when it comes time to sample, since supplies will be limited. So, plan your sampling strategically!

Visiting Details

All those samples for just $2 per sample…we’ve stumbled into a burger fan’s dream. Even better, it’s our reality! If the idea of Burger Wars tempts you, head over to Downtown Opelika on June 5. Grilling starts at 9:30 a.m., while the event itself runs from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Want to register? Fill out the form here.


Auburn and Opelika locals all have strong opinions which restaurants serve the best dishes! Don’t lie—you know you’ve had an animated discussion or two on the subject. And no judgment—they really do serve a lot good eats around here.

Well, next time the discussion lands on the subject of the best burgers, you’ll finally have your answer. Once you visit Burger Wars 2021 in Opelika, that is.

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