In the News: New Publix in Downtown Auburn

new Publix in Downtown Auburn

In the South, Publix is kind of a big deal! Maybe you can’t get enough of their black and white cookies. Perhaps, you keep craving their chicken finger subs. Or, you see their $5 sushi Wednesdays as the best part of the week. No matter what your favorite foods are, you can find them at Publix. Even better, our town will soon be home to a third location late next year! If we’ve whetted your appetite, keep reading for more on the new Publix in Downtown Auburn.

About the progress

The idea of a new Publix in Downtown Auburn may sound a bit familiar to you. The announcement first made waves in 2019, with developers deciding what to do with the former Burger King location on Gay Street in between the intersections of Magnolia and Thach Avenues.

The new Publix will feature 35,600-square-feet of space—so you’ll have a lot of aisles to cover when you visit! Construction has officially begun (which you’ve probably noticed if you’ve visited Downtown Auburn recently)!

Completion date

Of course, you can’t exactly pick out fresh bread right now, since the area remains a work in progress. At the moment, construction is slated to finish up in the next year, with the store opening in fall 2022. Just in time for those game day munchies!

The benefits

Good news—the new Publix will come with some seriously sweet benefits! For one thing, it has spurred our local economy just by being built. After all, it takes labor, materials, and taxes to get an entirely new storefront built.

Just to add an impressive figure on there: this building is possible because of a $20.6 million capital investment, which will make its way into the pockets of Auburn residents. Plus, it will also bring about 125 new jobs to the table too!


Hey, we just realized something cool! Thanks to the new Publix in Downtown Auburn, it will be easier than ever to roll Toomer’s Corner after a big game day win. After all, you only have to take a short stroll to the new grocery store to empty the shelves. With about a year left until it opens, we can wait just a little longer, knowing that 2022 will bring one epic football season!

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