Coming Soon: The Plains Taproom

The Plains Taproom

A vision for a new taproom in Downtown Auburn is finally coming to life. With a self-pour wall, 40 different kinds of beer and wine, and non-alcoholic beverages, The Plains Taproom plans on bringing relaxed fun right to you.

About The Plains Taproom

The idea for this new Auburn taproom came to Dion Peoples when he visited a self-pour taproom in Orange Beach. He shared his idea with Justin Alexander, his friend of eight years, and Scott Brown, owner of Whistle Stop Bottle and Brew in Opelika.

When Peoples first brought the idea to Alexander, he knew right away that it was an amazing one. Both Peoples and Alexander presented the idea to Brown, who says he briefly thought about a self-pour place on his own before, so he immediately jumped on board. Brown says The Plains Taproom is the right type of venue and space for Auburn.

This taproom will not be the typical bar usually found in Auburn. The vision for the new taproom is for it to be a place the entire family can hang out. Peoples told The Opelika-Auburn News that “it’s a place that you can bring your kids and feel comfortable, not that there is any underage drinking,” he clarified. “It’s going to be a high-end, high-tech. It’s not a daycare with alcohol by any stretch.”

More about The Plains Taproom

The Plains Taproom will serve a variety of different drinks, ranging from alcoholic to non-alcoholic. There will be 40 different types of beer and wine, craft sodas, kombucha, and sparkling water.

They have branded themselves as a family-style environment since they will not serve liquor and will offer games for both kids and adults.

Additionally, there will be a small stage for acoustic music sets. Food will also be available to order.

A self-pour system prevents customers from waiting in long lines for drinks and will also allow patrons to sample a few ounces.

An employee will scan the customer’s ID and credit card and then give them a smart card that uses radio-frequency identification technology. This allows for the customer to then go to the beer wall, select a glass, and put the card in the slot above the tap.

Customers will be charged by the ounce, so if you just want to taste an ounce of a certain beer or wine, you can do so without having to pay the price for a whole glass.

There will be 40 taps to choose from and 20 screens with information about the beverages, including alcohol content and price per ounce.

After two drinks, each customer is capped off, and the card will automatically lock. If a customer wants more, they will have to go back to the staff member checking IDs to be reevaluated. This self-pour technology creates a more controlled and safer drinking environment.


The Plains Taproom will soon be located in Downtown Auburn at 200 West Glenn Ave. Suite 200, near Tropical Smoothie and Waffle House.


Have you been waiting for a more relaxed venue to hang out with friends and grab a drink? The Plains Taproom coming to Auburn will have just that. This new self-pour taproom concept offers a new approachable and laid-back style of drinking.

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