Now Open: Mochiatsu Auburn

Mochiatsu Auburn

There’s a sweet new shop open in downtown Auburn. Have you ever had a mochi donut or a Korean hot dog? Mochiatsu Auburn would love to introduce you to these Korean favorites at their new location!

About Mochiatsu Auburn

According to the website, Mochiatsu Auburn is home to the “most chewy and fluffy mochi donuts and delicious Korean hot dogs.” The new business celebrated its grand opening on Saturday, March 18th, and things haven’t slowed down yet!

Not sure what a mochi donut is? Think of it like a cross between a cake donut and chewy Japanese mochi. When a mochi donut is made right, it’s a tasty treat that’s chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

On the menu

For starters, Mochiatsu Auburn serves mochi donuts topped with yummy, unique glazes, covering all your tastes from sweet to savory. Rotating flavors include Oreo cookie crumble, cookie butter Biscoff, red velvet cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, lychee rose, Nutella with roasted almond and much more.

Next up is the Korean hot dog, which is kind of like a corn dog. Also called “rice dogs,” a Korean corn dog typically includes a hot dog, mozzarella cheese or both. It’s battered in a chewy dough with additional toppings and deep fried.

At Mochiatsu Auburn, visitors can choose from the traditional fillings of hot dogs, cheese or a combination with additional outside flavors such as corn flakes, Hot Cheetos, potato and ramen.

Finally, you’ll need a refreshing drink to pair with your mochi donuts or Korean hot dogs. Luckily, there’s bubble tea—another Korean favorite!


Located at 132 North College St., Mochiatsu Auburn is next to Eddie’s Calzones and Bizilia’s Café downtown.

For Summer Wind residents, that means you can be sampling a fresh, fluffy mochi donut and sipping boba tea after a six-minute drive. We’re less than two miles away!

Don’t forget to find Mochiatsu Auburn on Facebook and Instagram for the latest announcements, including mouthwatering flavor updates!


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