Happening Now: Auburn’s Itty Bitty Scavenger Hunt

Auburn's Itty Bitty Scavenger Hunt

If you and your little one—or even just you—want to go on a fun and local trip, though, we have just the event for you. Check out Auburn’s Itty Bitty Scavenger Hunt, which will be running all month long.

What is Auburn’s Itty Bitty Scavenger Hunt?

Did you know that Auburn’s Parks and Recreation organization has turned the big 5-0? Yes—they’re half a century old, and they want to party—sensibly, of course. That’s why they’re holding Auburn’s Itty Bitty Scavenger Hunt, all month long!

During this event, the Parks and Recreation Department and Active Auburn are encouraging residents to go around town on a scavenger hunt, finding 25 well-known local spots. They’ve even made a checklist, filled with hints and photos, to make it all easier. Plus, five of the people who give them a correctly filled-out worksheet will win prizes in a drawing!

How can I participate in Auburn’s Itty Bitty Scavenger Hunt?

Participating in the Itty Bitty Scavenger Hunt is easy. It’s also free! You can find the checklist here or you can pick one up from Parks and Recreation facilities around town. Additionally, if you’re having any trouble with determining the answers, their Facebook page is currently posting helpful hints.

Once you fully fill out the worksheet with the correct answers, don’t forget to bring it over to the Harris Center, so that you can be eligible to win in the grand drawing. You have until 5 p.m. on August 31 to turn in your completed scavenger hunt list. Event organizers anticipate informing the public about winners on September 4.


Living in Auburn means you’re never bored! Even though things have slowed down a bit, we know how to create our own excitement—and Auburn’s Itty Bitty Scavenger Hunt proves it. If you participate, we hope you have a wonderful time!

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