Local Spotlight: Lee County Humane Society

Lee County Humane Society

Walking your pup around our complex, cuddling with your kitty on the couch, and coming home to a fluffy, friendly face—there’s nothing better than have a pet of your own. That’s why we’re featuring the Lee County Humane Society in our local spotlight. Whether you want a dog or a cat, you can adopt your fur-ever family member at this in-town shelter. And yes—Summer Wind is pet-friendly!

What is the Lee County Humane Society?

The Lee County Humane Society has been housing local cats and dogs since 1974. That means that they’ve been helping rescue pets find homes for decades! During their time in the area, they’ve created helpful programs like Pets for Patriots, Books & Barks, and their Low-Cost Spay and Neuter program. They also serve as a place for rehomed and lost pets to stay.

Thinking of giving back? You can become a volunteer at the Lee County Humane Society or you can apply to become a pet foster. You can also donate at any time!

The Importance of Adopting

When you adopt from the Lee County Humane Society, you’re giving local pets a wonderful place to live. You’re also freeing up space in the shelter, which means that you’re making it possible for more animals to find homes too.

Even if you want a specific breed, remember the phrase “adopt, don’t shop.” You’d be surprised how many purebreds are waiting for homes in shelters. You can also consider finding a specific rescue organization that focuses on the breed you want. Just by adopting a rescue, you’re making a huge difference in an animal’s life—and you’re making sure that other pets in the future have a better chance at finding a forever home.

Visiting Details

Ready to find your new best friend? The Lee County Humane Society is located at 1140 Ware Drive in Auburn. Its hours are 12 to 5 p.m. on Sunday through Friday. You can also give them a call at (334) 821-3222 or email them at [email protected] if you have any questions!

Finally, did we mention that you can see some of the pets available for adoption on their website? Click here to see the cats and click here to see the dogs!


Summer Wind is pet-friendly! You’re allowed to have up to two pets—subject to landlord approval. Call us at (334) 821-4650 or fill out the contact form on our website to get started.

Once that’s done, you can come on over to the Lee County Humane Society and pick out a cute cat or dog. As for learning more about local spotlights and apartment living, visit our blog.